Count on Us
for the Big Things

Brand Group has specialized in the design and construction of large, significant projects in the field of infrastructure, energy, and steel construction in Israel since 1977. Brand has been a public company since 1993, managing its large-scale operations from three main locations in Yeruham, Petah Tikva, and Caesarea.


Brand's fields of activity:

Systems – planning, construction, and maintenance of large and complex projects that require extensive knowledge and experience. The engineering systems include electrical networks, airports, power plants, road lighting, lighting in car and railway tunnels, control and communication systems, railway station systems, and more.

Renewable Energy – The company locates, develops, and initiates renewable energy projects in the US and Europe. Simultaneously, the company has another division for executing EPC contract projects that include engineering, procurement, and construction in the field of renewable energy in Israel.

Construction and Electromechanics – Construction, maintenance, and production of metal infrastructures, industrial storage tanks, energy facilities, petrochemical facilities, and more. Brand has experience in projects that require the assembly and construction of steel structures, bridges, ducts, piping, tanks, boilers, and accompanying supplemental equipment.

Production  Brand owns the largest construction plant in the Israeli market and provides its services for planning and manufacturing constructions and steel structures for various industries. Brand specializes in the production, processing, and assembly of steel structures and large complex metal products using unique, cutting-edge equipment.


Over 300 professional employees

We have assembled a large, professional team with whom we entrust our reputation, including electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, practical engineers, project managers, electricians, truck drivers, crane operators, welders, and more.