For construction and maintenance,we have your back

Our subsidiary, Grand Ofek Projects, is responsible for carrying out complicated proejcts in the field of construction and electromechanics. Grand Ofek utilizes its vast knowledge and experience, including the use of a variety of logistical methods for lifting, storing, and transportation. Each project is accompanied by a skilled staff, carried out with close professional engineering planning and guidance, ensuring quality work, and maintaining a safe work environment.

The company’s activities in this field are divided into four main divisions:

Construction of energy facilities

Construction of conventional coal-fired and combined-cycle power plants, including HRSG, ACC, BOP structures, ducts and pipeline bridges, chimneys, air quality control systems FGD, SCR and ESP, as well as mechanical assemblies of associated equipment. Construction of alternative energy facilities such as pumped-storage hydroelectricity and thermo-solar and photovoltaic facilities.

Construction of infrastructure

Construction of large steel structures for infrastructure: bridges, airports, light rail, tunneling, etc. Underwater building, port cranes, and producing and launching barges. Desalination and wastewater treatment plants, including the assembly of mechanical equipment and pumps.

Construction of industrial buildings

Construction of refining facilities, construction of logistics centers that include assembly of mechanical equipment, and transportation systems.


This area includes the restoration and strengthening of steel structures and towers, including building cladding and insulation work.

Steel bridges, and the renovation and enhancement of industrial storage tanks for fuel and water such as: desalination pipes, distillation towers, and furnaces, transportation systems, and turbines.