Exceptional expertise

Brand Group’s activities in the field of technical infrastructure systems are carried out through its subsidiary Margal Systems, which offers the most advanced technological solutions in the design, construction, and maintenance of systems for airports, electrical networks, power plants, road lighting, lighting in car and railway tunnels, control and communication systems, train station systems, and more.

Over 40 years
of experience

Thanks to its vast experience, the company consistently executes complex engineering projects on tight schedules, while maintaining performance at the highest quality. The company's teams include an engineering department consisting of an experienced team of electrical engineers, civil engineers, and mechanical engineers; a quality control department, a project management department; maintenance teams; many professional work teams; heavy mechanical engineering equipment, and much more.

Experts in setting up high-quality systems

Lighting systems

Planning, construction, and maintenance of roads, interchanges, car tunnels, bridges, railway tunnels, railway stations, airport runways, architectural lighting, and more.

Electrical systems

Planning, construction, and maintenance of electrical systems and infrastructures such as power plants and more.

Communication systems

Planning, coordinating, and executing the construction of infrastructures for all commercial communications companies in Israel and railway communication systems, in the most complex engineering projects that include the applications of communication systems for lengths of kilometers underground.

The most advanced command and control systems in the world, including:

traffic control systems, railway signaling systems, security and safety systems, fire detection systems, traffic lights, and more.